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Our selection of proprietary brands are an unmatched differentiator in the marketplace. Our brands are customized within each category to be effective profit generators. We only offer products under our brands that truly make sense while taking into consideration demand, functionality and design.



Every product, every time.




Our in-house team works closely with our partners to ensure dependability, intuitive functionality and uniform quality for all of our products and packaging.  

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Our team makes our standards clear by providing an in-depth detailed style guide for every product - no matter what.


Our process ensures dependable products across an entire line, uniform package colors and materials and no variation between production runs over time.




Our partners know our standards are high. We test and tweak products and packaging throughout the development process to ensure we are providing quality, reliable products.


Space is a commodity and we specialize in making the most out of each planogram. Our innovative packaging produces clean, aesthetically appealing sets and increases profit per square inch.

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We think outside the box - dielines, CAD drawings, and Pantone® are all buzzwords we thrive on.

Our in-house design team can do just about anything.


The true difference between us and them.

Power Up!
Product Feature_PowerUpChargeOn.png
Power Up! Charge On®
The Power Up! Charge On® Difference

On the road or at home, it's important to have multiple options available to charge devices - anytime, anywhere. Power Up! Charge On® offers a variety of popular charging options and accessories that work with almost any device. All Power Up! Charge On® products are constructed of high quality components and designed to last.

USB Cables - A variety of lengths and finishes are available for every need.

Chargers - Quality chargers specked with the appropriate power for just about any device.


Portable Power - Packed with power! Power Up! Charge On® power inverters and battery packs offer charging solutions for just about every need.

Device Mounts - Power Up! Charge On®  MagPal™ mounts are the safe and powerful solution for hands free functionality on the road. They are universally engineered to work with any phone.

PowerUpChargeOn® Logo.png
Outside everyday®
Product Featue_Frostbite.png
Icon_Frostbite 2.png
Superior quality, powerful products and trendy designs

Frostbite™ has everything needed to stay warm, comfortable and stylish during the harshest winter months. This program is outfitted with the latest in apparel, automotive acessories and personal warmers designed with the highest quality. All Frostbite™ products are reviewed annually to ensure the best mix and the most powerful options are available.

Apparel - Hats, gloves and sweatshirts are all carefully selected annually to ensure the latest in style, function and warmth

Snowbrushes - Designed internally from the ground up with true functionality and superior craftsmanship, Frostbite™ snow brushes and ice scrapers offer trendy, ergonomic designs in a verity of styles.

Personal Warmth - Frostbite™ offers unique solutions even on the coldest of days. Frostbite™ Hand Warmers, Foot Warmers and Toe Warmers work to keep warmth from tip to toe.

Travel Time
Product Feature_Travel Time.png
All the comforts of home®
Icons-Travel Time_Car.png
Icons-Travel Time_House.png
Icons-Travel Time_Bed.png
All the comforts of home™

Designed with convenience in mind, Travel Time™ products offer comfort on the road, on the go or overnight. This product line offers fresh designs and true functionality on items such as Travel Pillows, Blankets and 12 Volt Accessories. Each item is carefully chosen based on market demand, quality and aesthetics ensuring nothing but the best.

Pillows and Blankets - Travel Time™ soft goods are comfy and made of the soft durable materials.  

Drinkware - Tumblers, water bottles and straws are outfitted in the trendiest colors and are meant to go places.

12V Accessories - Travel Time™ 12 Volt accessories offer convenience and comfort on the road

Travel Time Logo.png
PowerOPTIX Logo_COLOR.png
Ready when you are®
Product Feature_PowerOPTIX.png
Icons-PowerOPTIX_LED Bright.png
Icons-PowerOPTIX_COB Ultrabright.png
Powerful Lighting


PowerOPTIX® means just that - Powerful Lighting.  PowerOPTIX® offers lighting solutions for Flashlights, Automotive, Trucking and more in the following categories:


Standard LED - LED lights are compact light emitting diodes that efficiently produce a bright light in a compact space producing a significantly brighter light than incandescent bulbs.

COB LED - COB LEDs are 8.5x brighter than standard LED light technology and 38x brighter than incandescent bulbs. COB LEDs also have superior Thermal Performance for better lifetime, stability and reliability.

Cree® LED - Cree® LED lights are highly efficient bright LEDs. These lights use significantly less LEDs, less power and produce a high lumen output resulting in a really bright light. A bright light with less power means longer battery life and intense focused clarity.

Product Featue_Mobiletronix copy.png
Mobiletronix Experience Driven.png
USA Antenna.png
Icons_Mobiletronix - Car.png
Icons_Mobiletronix - Crossover.png
Icons_Mobiletronix - RV.png
Icons_Mobiletronix - Semi.png
No noise - Premium Communication

CB Antenna Kits - Truly Balanced Systems. Mobiletronix Experience Driven™ CB Antenna systems optimize the cable, coil & whip to work as one obtaining incomparable SWR readings.

CB Microphones - Top of the line components and finishes make Mobiletronix Experience Driven™ CB Microphones are must-have products for premium communication.


Feel the difference - Mobiletronix Experience Driven™ antennas are so unique, we want customers to feel the difference. Mobiletronix Experience Driven™ antennas are packaged in an exclusive hang card system that allows customers to bend, twist and feel the quality of the antenna without compromising package integrity.

Powercomm Logo_Colored.png
Performance Driven™
Product Feature_Powercomm.png
USA Antenna.png
Icons-Powercomm_Mobiletronix - Car.png
Icons-Powercomm_Mobiletronix - Crossover.png
Icons-Powercomm_Mobiletronix - RV.png
Icons-Powercomm_Mobiletronix - Semi.png
Innovation is everything 

Powercomm® CB Accessories offer everything needed to communicate effectively, efficiently and appropriately on the road. In a world where digital communication is emphasized heavily, many forget about the necessity to have effective communication where digital communication simply isn't available or feasible. Powercomm® products are durable, powerful and offer a variety of options for CB communication.


CB Accessories & Mounts - Powercomm® offers everything needed to get your CB system up and going from simple to completely customizable

CB Coax - A variety of options in a variety of lengths ensures the right cable for the job.

CB Microphones & Speakers - Powercomm® offers a variety of options for clear, crisp communication

CB Antennas & CB Antenna Kits - a variety of options are available from basic to specific need


In addition to our proprietary brands, we distribute many well recognized industry brands as well


Our years of industry experience allow for us to make informed decisions based off established market trends, industry experience and proven success.

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Your Silent
Sales Rep

This simple platform is the key to appropriate product mix for a mutually successful partnership

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Partnership for Growth

Lynco embodies a long-term sustainable vision for a mutually profitable relationship

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We Navigate the Unknown

This simple platform is the key to appropriate product mix for a mutually successful partnership

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